Project progress tracker

Check out where the tunnel and replacement gas pipeline works are currently

In April 2018, Mary, our tunnel boring machine (TBM), set off from Goxhill on her ground breaking journey beneath the River Humber to construct the tunnel for our replacement gas pipeline.

She reached the other side of the Humber, at the village of Paull, in September 2019.

Work is now underway to install the replacement gas pipeline inside the tunnel.

Our tracker below will help you stay updated on Mary’s progress and the key construction stats from the project.

Key stats and progress (updated 10th July 2020)

  • Tunnel length – 4,860 metres of 4,860 metres – Tunnel complete!
  • Tunnel segments installed – 24,282
  • Length of pipeline ‘pushed through’ tunnel – 4,920 metres of 4,920 metres – Gas pipeline tunnel push complete!

(Credit: Google maps)