Goxhill heats up!

We’ve supported Goxhill Community Memorial Hall

Earlier this year we supported Goxhill Memorial Hall with a £5,000 grant towards works to make the building more energy efficient in time for autumn and winter. This included the installation of two new boilers and a new hot water system with new pipes and taps.

John Noton, Treasurer at Goxhill Memorial Hall, said: We’re very grateful with the support National Grid and the Humber Pipeline Project has provided for Goxhill Memorial Hall this year. Our new boilers are up and running and already making a difference to our heating costs we’re confident they’ll have a positive impact on heating and hot water in the building over the next ten years and beyond.

 “The concept of the community grant programme is fantastic, and I’d urge more local organisations to consider applying for funding while the Humber project is still ongoing”.

This autumn, we’ve also supported Goxhill Bowls Club with further funding for a new team changing facility and we hope to do more to support the local community in Goxhill and in Paull before our project comes to an end.

For more information on how to apply and to see if your organisation fits the criteria for funding please visit: http://betl.nationalgrid.co.uk/